About me

Hi, I’m Becca. I’m a freelance writer specialising in consumer technology, the science behind health and fitness and the future. Over the years I’ve also written about movies, comic books, chocolate factories and everything in-between.

I have bylines at/in all kinds of publications, including Wired UK, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Gizmodo, Tech Radar, Wareable and many more.

I enjoy writing, but I also have a lot of experience taking on senior roles at publications in order to manage global editorial teams, define publishing strategy and ensure all content production ties back into core business goals. I’ve worked as the Editor of Gawker-owned Lifehacker UK, the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at consumer tech website Shiny Shiny, as well as an International Content Editor at the (now defunct) global trending news site MSN Now.

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Recent work

Breathe easy: The science behind Fitbit and Apple’s mindfulness push, Wareable, August 2016

Sex, shoplifting and scares: Plotting my heart rate highs and lows, Wareable, August 2016

Can the Pavlok shock wearable make pain motivation work? We put it to the test, Wareable, August 2016

Why 3D printing will save your life one day, Tech Radar, July 2016

I survived Derren Brown’s VR-fuelled, psychological mind game of a Ghost TrainWareable, July 2016

The Bizarre Evolutionary Anomaly That is Travel SicknessGizmodo, June 2016

How our phones will become our doctorsTech Radar, June 2016

Positive vs. negative wearables: Embrace the dark side at your perilWareable, May 2016

How changing your mindset could help you achieve your fitness goalsWareable, March 2016

Copywriting and brand consultancy

I also work as a freelance copywriter and brand consultant, helping clients tell better stories through a mixture of online copy, social media strategy and web development.

Since completing an MA in Public Relations and Marketing Strategy, I’ve worked at agencies with brands such as Sony Ericsson and First Direct and as a freelancer for clients like Conran and Company, Buddhify, Envirofone, Wiley Publishing and more.

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To chat to me about editorial, copywriting projects or content planning then please email me: beccacaddy@gmail.com. Or say hi on Twitter: @beccacaddy.