Hi, I’m Becca

I’m a London-based writer specialising in consumer technology, science and the future.

I’m fascinated by human behaviour, how things work and what the next few decades hold for the way we live, work and play.

Over the years, I’ve written about space exploration, wearable technology, the science behind self development, web culture, sci-fi movies and how chocolate is made.

From long-form features and advice columns, through to interviews and live event coverage, I’ve written for a huge range of publications, including The Observer, Wired UK, Tech Radar, Gadget, The Sunday Times, Gizmodo, Wareable, BitchBuzz, ShinyShiny and many more.

I also have experience in taking on senior roles at publications to manage global editorial teams, define publishing strategy and ensure all content production ties back into core business goals.

I’ve worked as the Editor of Gawker-owned Lifehacker UK, the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at consumer tech website Shiny Shiny, as well as an International Content Editor at the (now defunct) global trending news site MSN Now.

I also work as a freelance copywriter and content consultant, helping clients tell better stories through a mixture of online copy and social media strategy. Since completing an MA in Public Relations and Marketing Strategy, I’ve worked at agencies with brands such as Sony Ericsson and First Direct and as a freelancer for clients like Conran and Company, Buddhify, Envirofone, Wiley Publishing and more.

To talk about editorial or copywriting, email me: beccacaddy@gmail.com.

Assorted Stories From The Past Few Years


How VR will make astronauts out of all of usTech Radar, Dec 2016

Too real: Fighting sexual harassment, abuse and violence in virtual worlds Wareable, Dec 2016

How VR needs to evolve before it can really be for everyone Tech Radar, Nov 2016

Vomit reality: Why VR makes some of us feel sick and how to make it stop Wareable, Oct 2016

//Health, wearable tech and the science behind self development

Breathe easy: The science behind Fitbit and Apple’s mindfulness pushWareable, Aug 2016

Why 3D printing will save your life one day, Tech Radar, July 2016

The Bizarre Evolutionary Anomaly That is Travel Sickness, Gizmodo, June 2016

How our phones will become our doctors, Tech Radar, June 2016

The Quantified woman: Fertility tracking and the future of our reproductive health, Wareable, Nov 2015

It’s harder to lose weight now than it was in 1980s, Wired, Oct 2015

Crunching the calories: What I learned from two weeks with MyFitnessPal, Wareable, Oct 2015

Meet the Wonka-Worthy Robot Nose That Decides What Chocolate We Eat, Gizmodo, June 2015

The great calorie con: The truth about nutrition tracking and wearable tech, Wareable, Sept 2015

Quantified babies: Is wearable tech for your newborn really safe?, Wareable, Aug 2015

//Technology, apps and mobile health

Sex, shoplifting and scares: Plotting my heart rate highs and lows, Wareable, August 2016

I survived Derren Brown’s VR-fuelled, psychological mind game of a Ghost Train, Wareable, July 2016

Here’s how your phone is tracking you right now, Tech Radar, April 2016

Wearable tech brands are finally making smartwatches for women, Gadgette, Oct 2015

Magic Leap teases its augmented reality tech, Wired, Oct 2015

A Guide to Snapchat (for the Over 16s), Gizmodo, Sept 2015

A beginner’s guide to MyFitnessPal, Wareable, Nov 2015

Battle of the wearables: we put 6 trackers to the test, Gadgette, July 2015

Could wearable tech help us to improve our mental health?, Shiny Shiny, Sept 2014

Wearables and mindfulness: Should we really be outsourcing our sense of wellbeing and awareness to a gadget?, Shiny Shiny, Aug 2014

How do I swap Apple for Android? Your tech questions answered, The Observer, Dec 2012


//Psychology and behavioural trends

Shock treatment: Breaking bad habits with Pavlok, Wareable, August 2016

Positive vs. negative wearables: Embrace the dark side at your peril, Wareable, May 2016

How changing your mindset could help you achieve your fitness goals, Wareable, March 2016

Exploring social presence: Why sharing your stats could make or break your goals, Wareable, Feb 2016

How mind reading wearables let us delve inside our brains, Wareable, Jan 2016

Scientists are working on a drug to mimic exercise, Wired, Oct 2015

Gaming and wearables: The behaviour behind rewards and motivations, Wareable, Aug 2015

How to use your wearable to make good habits stick, Gadgette, Aug 2015

Stress-free or stressful: Will tracking our stress levels really make us more calm?, Wareable, June 2015

The power of anchors: How your wearable can turn you superhuman, Wareable, June 2015

What wearable tech brands need to know about the science of habits, Wareable, June 2015

Stress beating tech to keep you sane, Wareable, June 2015

10,000 steps to failure: How to set your fitness goals – and actually stick to them, Wareable, May 2015

//Pop Culture & The Movies

Spaceship screens, superhero suits and sci-fi smartphones: Designing UI for moviesTech Radar, Dec 2016

Myths, Monsters and Heroes: How Comic Books Were Influenced by the Stories From Our Past, Gizmodo, March 2016

5 Important life lessons we can all learn from Yoda, Lifehacker, Jan 2016

Exploring ASMR: the YouTube phenomenon that makes you tingle, Gadgette, Dec 2015

Oh-so terrifying Reddit story gets its own creepy short film, MSN Now, Aug 2013

Over-the-top Samsung launch reveals new eye-tracking smartphone, MSN Now, Aug 2013

//Space (the final frontier)

How VR will make astronauts out of all of us, Tech Radar, Dec 2016

Spaceship screens, superhero suits and sci-fi smartphones: Designing UI for movies, Tech Radar, Dec 2016

The ISS is home to potentially harmful bacteria, Wired, Oct 2015

Boozy comet expels massive amounts of alcohol into space, Wired, Oct 2015

Mystery space junk headed to Earth could date back decades, Wired, Oct 2015

Life on Mars: Nasa unveils ambitious plan for human colony, Wired, Oct 2015