Guide to running with the Fitbit Ionic


Gone are the days of activity trackers keeping a tab on our step count and little else. Nowadays, devices like the Fitbit Ionic are packed with cutting-edge sensors and smarter algorithms, which means they can collect more data about you and your fitness than ever before.
I’m Becca Caddy, and I’m on a mission to get fitter using heart rate – with the help of the Fitbit Ionic.
One of the things that the Fitbit Ionic does particularly well is track heart rate – and that’s what this new fitness challenge diary is all about.
I’m going to be testing out the Ionic, especially its heart rate tracking smarts, and will use it to track my progress through a series of fitness challenges and classes. As someone who struggles to find the time to work out in a busy schedule, I’m looking to discover how heart rate data can help me get more from my sessions.