Hug me, Dave: Are robot pets and companions useful or just sad gimmicks?


At CES 2019 there were plenty of robots on show, including the bread-baking BreadBot, the laundry folding Foldimate, the robo-retail assistant, the Samsung Bot Retail, and of course Hanson Robotics’ lifelike, but undeniably creepy, Sophia.

AI-powered technology and robotics are fueling innovations across a range of industries – and producing more robots than ever before. But are these robots just flashy gimmicks or will they really prove useful in the future? 

Although clickbait headlines would have us believe we’re only a few years away from creating robots that could take our jobs, destroy our relationships and take over the world, the robots of the future could be the answer to providing companionship, assistance and emotional connection for those who need it most. 

Meet the new breed of robots that just want to be loved – and love you in return.