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Virtual & augmented reality

A VR view from space could change the world (OneZero)

The reality is virtual, but the motion sickness is real (OneZero)

Can you get fit in virtual reality? (TechRadar)

We might spend more time living in virtual reality than actual reality (Metro)

Oculus Quest Review (TechRadar)

Keeping virtual reality environments harassment-free (OneZero by Medium)

Feel the Force: Haptics could soon make all your Ready Player One dreams come true, (Gizmodo)

I went inside someone else’s virtual world and cried my eyes out, (Gizmodo)

A 45-year-old German film knew things about virtual reality we’re just discovering today (Gizmodo)

Feeling the force: are shared VR experiences the future of entertainment? (Tech Radar)

Virtual reality Hollywood: A history of VR in film (Tech Radar)

Virtual reality lets doctors guide you through your own guts (New Scientist)

What AR needs to get right to win our hearts (Tech Radar)

Why virtual reality has to be for everyone (Wareable)

Haptics: Blurring the line between your virtual avatar and your body (Tech Radar)

How VR will make astronauts out of all of us (Tech Radar)

How to create safe spaces in virtual worlds (Tech Radar)

How tech is making virtual reality more accessible (Tech Radar)

How VR needs to evolve before it can really be for everyone (Tech Radar)

Is VR about to reinvent how we work out? (Wareable)

How VR is making horror more realistic than ever (Gizmodo)

Vomit Reality: Why VR makes some of us sick and how to stop it (Wareable)

Fighting sexual harassment, abuse and violence in virtual worlds (Wareable)

I survived Derren Brown’s VR-fuelled ghost train (Wareable)

Magic Leap teases its augmented reality tech (Wired UK)

Wearable technology

Do fitness trackers have an impact on eating disorders? (TechRadar)

Should children wear fitness trackers? (TechRadar)

How Apple could beat Fitbit to the ultimate sleep tracking wearable (Wareable)

Bellabeat Time review (Wareable)

How your smartwatch’s ECG feature could save your life (Wareable)

5 sensor technologies that are set to break out in wearables (Wareable)

Gadget graveyard: The wearable tech that never made it (Wareable)

What is a hybrid smartwatch? (Tech Radar)

How wearable devices are becoming key players in the fight against addiction (Wareable)

Beyond sci-fi: Building the bionic body (Wareable)

Can a smartwatch save your life? (Tech Radar)

How Intel’s smart glasses could succeed where Google Glass failed (Tech Radar)

Sleep mode activated: Powering up the tech that promises a good night’s sleep, (T3)

Motiv ring review (Wareable)

Oura ring review (Wareable)

Is stress-tracking the future of well-being tech? (Tech Radar)

Why the future of smart clothing is all about feeling (Wareable)

This pulse tracking wearable can help you get pregnant (Wareable)

Well-being wearables need to take the stress out of stress tracking (Wareable)

The stress test: Can a wearable really make you calmer? (Wareable)

Why are smart rings so difficult to build? (Wareable)  

How mind reading wearables let us delve inside our brains (Wareable)

Tasting tech: Can we control our gadgets with our tongues? (Tech Radar)

Wearables need to look beyond calories (Wareable)

Quantified baby: Is wearable tech for your newborn safe? (Wareable)

Space & future technology

Health & fitness technology

Popular culture
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