Yoga and the Fitbit Ionic explained


After pounding the pavement last week and working with Fitbit ambassador Greg Whyte to understand how heart rate zones can help me to run better, faster and more injury-free, this week I’m slowing down the pace and exploring the stress-reducing fitness benefits of yoga.
I’m Becca Caddy, and I’m on a mission to use the heart rate features of the Fitbit Ionic to get fitter, faster – and I’m trying out a host of new workouts and fitness classes in the process.
Like running, I’ve fallen in and out of love with yoga over the past ten years, trying everything from Kundalini yoga in London to Hatha yoga in Thailand. But, also like running, I’ve lost my drive and my consistency. So with that in mind, I was interested in chatting to Fitbit ambassador and former Olympian Greg Whyte about the role of yoga in training and whether it’s really worthwhile.
“The great thing about yoga is it’s working on flexibility, mobility, agility and also things like core strength stability,” said Greg. “All of these things have an important role to play in improving your overall fitness, so yes, yoga is a great option.”