Why virtual reality has to be for everyone


As big investments continue to make waves across the industry, product launches hit the headlines each week and recent stats suggest more people are buying their own headsets, the future looks bright for VR.
But despite the rise in sales, there are many people without access to VR – and just as many who haven’t tried it at all. Of course there’s nothing new about that. Early adopters armed with more money and more technical know-how than regular consumers have always been the first to try out new tech shortly after it launches.
But what it means is that content is being created for early adopters, consumed by early adopters and informed by early adopter viewpoints again and again. This has now become a loop that excludes a vast majority of the public.
For all of its game-changing possibilities – on both personal and global scales, as well as across a huge range of industries – VR technology is in danger of growing into a huge opportunity missed.