Wellbeing wearables need to take the stress out of stress tracking

WAREABLE, 22 MAY, 2017

From the breath-tracking Spire to the heart-rate sensing WellBe, wearables designed to track and manage our stress levels using biofeedback are becoming increasingly popular.

And it’s not just small startups and new names that are working to help us better understand how our minds work. Big tech brands, like Apple, Fitbit and Garmin with its recently-launched Vivosmart 3, are baking stress-tracking sensors and algorithms into their most popular products to paint a more holistic picture of how both our minds and bodies are performing day-to-day. 

We’ve written extensively about stress-tracking tech, from the advantages of visualising stress and identifying triggers, through to flagging up the challenges of defining stress and the technical difficulties in developing sensors that accurately measure it.  

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