Is VR about to reinvent how we work out?


It’s too early to tell whether VR headsets will revolutionise the way we work and play as much as big brands and tech commentators would have us believe. But, for the time being at least, it appears to be shaking up all kinds of other industries, from gaming to porn.

One space VR was tipped to totally transform a year or so ago was fitness, with a number of larger brands and startups vying to bring apps and accessories to market that promised to shake up the way we work out for good. But fast-forward to 2017 and it seems like fitness is lagging behind.

Of course it doesn’t take a particularly vivid imagination or insider knowledge of the hardware involved to guess why that might be. After all, unwieldy, tethered devices are the last thing you want strapped to your sweaty forehead when you’re working out, right?

We were keen to find out why virtual reality and fitness aren’t a match made in cardio heaven quite yet and whether it’s the more obvious hardware limitations that are holding it back or deeper issues around consumer behaviour that are to blame instead.

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