I went inside someone else's virtual world and cried my eyes out


Imagine you’re standing in a driveway with no shoes on, just your socks, facing a house. The world unfolds around you in glorious illustrations – it looks like you’re inside a living comic book. A warm voice invites you to open the door in front of you and when you reach out, you can feel it. You open the door and step inside, and instead of hard floor you can feel carpet beneath your toes. You’re home.

This is how the virtual reality-meets-theatre performance Draw Me Close begins – and it will change the way you think about VR.

Draw Me Close is a location-based virtual reality experience, which means it’s not designed to be watched on your VR headset at home. Instead, like when Gizmodo was given the chance to try out an early run of Draw Me Close last week at the Young Vic, you are given a specific time and place to be – much more like a play than any virtual reality experiences you’ve had before.