Feel the Force: Haptics could soon make all your Ready Player One dreams come true


Last year’s hit VR movie Ready Player One featured some fantastic future dream tech, from omni-directional treadmills that you can set up in your front room to a sprawling virtual world called The Oasis that everyone unashamedly prefers to the real one.

But one thing that plays a big part in Ernest Cline’s sci-fi story that’s fast becoming a reality is haptic technology. That’s the full body suits and gloves that characters in the movie wear in order to ‘feel’ what’s going on in The Oasis, like taking a hit during a battle, feeling the icy cold temperature of the snow and, of course, the pressure, heat and pleasure of sexual contact.

Although a number of companies have been developing haptic technology to bring touch sensations to us all for decades now, there were plenty to get excited about at CES 2019.