A wearable for every sport: the tech you need for cycling, swimming & more


Nowadays a good fitness tracker is just as important as a comfortable pair of trainers or sweat-proof sports headphones when you’re packing your gym bag or sorting out your training gear. 
There are plenty of great all-rounder fitness wearables available at the moment, like the Fitbit Charge 2Moov Now or Samsung Gear Fit 2. These will give best-in-class tracking, and in some cases even coaching and performance-based feedback for a lot of popular activities, including everything from running to interval training to weight-lifting. 
Having said that, if you’ve got your heart set on one specific sport (and don’t mix up your routine too often), you’ll probably want a piece of fitness tech that’ll do the job even better than those all-singing and all-dancing favorites.
So as we always look out for you, we’ve collected together some of our top wearables for some of the most popular activities, whether you love boxing, swimming or hitting the gym